For questions about the project, please contact Candace Keller or Youssouf Sakaly. For image permissions, or to access higher resolution images, either contact the photographer or archival custodian (listed below) or complete the Permissions Request Form.

Candace Keller
Project Director

Catherine Foley
Project Manager

Youssouf Sakaly
Project Manager

La Maison Africaine de la Photographie
Bibliothèque Nationale
Zone ACI 2000
B.P. 4075, Bamako, Mali
Director: Tidiane Sangare
Tel: +223 2229-4112

Archival Collections and Custodians

Mamadou Cissé
Studio Cissé
Bagadadji, Bamako, Mali
Archival Custodian: Oumar Cissé
Tel : +223 7226-7256

Adama Kouyaté
Studio Photo Hall d'Union
B.P. 98, Ségu, Mal
Archival Custodian: Sory Kouyaté
Tel: +223 7610-8844 | +223 7949-8762

Abdourahmane Sakaly
Studio Sakaly
B.P. 403, Bamako, Mali
Archival Custodian: Youssouf Sakaly
Tel: +223 6672-1859

Malick Sidibé
Studio Malick
B.P. 455, Bagadadji, Bamako, Mali
Archival Custodian: Karim Sidibé
Tel : +223 7629-8507

With Malick Sidibé's passing in 2016, the Archive of Malian Photography is no longer able to facilitate permission requests for his archive. Interested parties are welcome to contact the photographer's family in Bamako, which maintains copyright of his images, via email at

Tijani Sitou Studio Photo Kodak
Gangal, Mopti, Mali
Archival Custodian: Malick Sitou
Tel: +203 850-3723